7 Wedding Season Health Hazards To Avoid

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Love, Heartbreak

How to win the wedding guest of the year award—without sacrificing your own health and happiness.

In the now-classic wedding flick The Wedding Crashers, Vince Vaughn says to Owen Wilson "What do you like better, Christmas or Wedding Season?"

It's a tough call. Who doesn't love months of catching up with old friends over cocktails, dancing and declarations of love? But being a wedding guest isn't all bouquets and butterflies. Here are seven health hazards to be aware of, especially if your wedding season calendar is packed tighter than Vaughn and Wilson's.

Health Hazard #1: Drinking The Open Bar Dry
Sometimes, being around our old friends makes us want to indulge in younger behaviors, including binge drinking. But just like in college, hangovers aren't fun—and drinking too much can get you into more trouble than a headache and queasy stomach, especially if you're keeping up with your date.

"Alcohol can affect women and men differently. Women [often] become more impaired," Pamela Peeke, M.D., author of Body for Life for Women says. So think before you drink, she says: "Remember [that] when you overdo it, you feel like crap. Do a little memory lane check."

Pace yourself—wedding season is a marathon, not a sprint. Peeke recommends alternating drinks with water or seltzer with lime, and having white wine spritzers (aka wine cut with seltzer): "You have half the calories, it lasts longer, and it's refreshing." Cheers!

Health Hazard #2: Trashing Your Feet
Unless you're a professional ballroom dancer, hours on a dance floor in stilettos can lead to blisters, bunions or worse.

"One of the things that helps is to wear liners that help your foot from skidding and falling forward, so you're not slipping and sliding in your shoe. They will give you extra padding, absorb sweat and prevent falling," Peeke says. She also suggest breaking in shoes ahead of time, choosing a thicker and more graduated heel, wearing open toes styles that relieve pressure, and going up a size (with pads) for a more comfortable fit.

Finally, don't be a heel hero. "Kick them off and have a pair of flip flops to wear," Peeke suggests.

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