10 Ways to Survive Wedding Season Single


10 tips to beat being single and sad during the summer wedding season

Not sure you can survive another wedding season single? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the number of embossed invitations celebrating another happy couple’s love? Oh good, you have to buy another unflattering satin bridesmaid dress...

Ready to pull out your hair yet? Yeah, us too. If you’re feeling like you might not make it through another season of weddings full of love and toasts, we have a few suggestions for how to keep it fun and keep your sanity.

Here are 10 tips to beat being single and sad during the summer wedding season:

It’s okay to be picky. If you didn’t get a save-the-date notice or you got the invitation a month out from the wedding, chances are you might not be at the top of the couple’s list. It’s okay to decline the invite. Save your June weekends this season for close friends and family members’ celebrations.

Remember that you’re still tons of fun. All your married or soon-to-be-married friends would probably love to be in your position of freedom. They’ll at least want to live vicariously through you. So why not give them something to look forward to? Go on a bike ride with that guy you met at Whole Foods last week. Say yes to wine tasting with the guy from spinning. They just might become your Plus 1s!

Take this opportunity to get fit! Sign up for that LivingSocial or Groupon fitness class you’ve been meaning to enroll in, and set some summer goals. This is a great time to look and feel your best. You want to look your best in that dress, right? Discounts on Zumba class never looked better.

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