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5 Reasons We Love Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Everyone loves Batman of course, but I'm heading to see The Dark Knight Rises for a different reason: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

From his long-haired 3rd Rock from the Sun days to indie films like Rian Johnsons Brick and now The Dark Knight Rises, JGL has been gracing us with his presence for quite some time. Lucky for us, he doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

With his career, good looks and confident persona, there are dozens of reasons we're going crazy for Levitt—but here are our top 5:

1. He's Talented. Okay, we'll start with the obvious -- we never thought the alien-posing-as-a-human from 3rd Rock would ever become the kind of star that directors write parts for. However, JGL is doing just that. Rian Johnson loved Levitt so much in Brick that he wrote a main part in his new movie Looper just for him. In the film  (out in September), Levitt plays opposite Bruce Willis as the same character at different ends of time travel. This is the second time Levitt has reunited with a past director -- he starred in Christopher Nolan's Inception prior to The Dark Knight Rises. Later this year, we'll also see him in Steven Spielberg's Lincoln playing the president's son alongside Daniel Day-Lewis. Exclusive! Christian Bale: The Soft Man Behind A Tough Batman

2. He's fashionable. Levitt's been featured in tons of men's fashion magazines, including this month's GQ. He has great 3-piece suits (and he knows how to wear them), he's well groomed (see the transformation from 3rd Rock scruff to Inception clean-cut) and his posture is impeccable. Levitt is 5'9", but he makes the most of it by always standing up straight with his shoulders back. When he tips his head up, it's not because he's cocky—that creates a clean jaw line—another quality that makes him so sexy. At the New York City premiere of The Dark Knight Rises he rocked a sleek, slate gray three-piece Balenciaga suit with a complimenting red striped tie. Yum!

3. He's really funny. Good looks aren't everything. OK, they are a lot, but an awesome personality goes along with that. Levitt may be mega-serious as a cop trying to save Batman, but as an everyday guy, JGL can really make people laugh. In an interview in 1998, the young Levitt cracked up Conan O'Brien with his sarcastic personality. Years later on David Letterman, he rolled around Manhattan in a giant plastic bubble (in a suit, of course). Although he recently stated that most pretty girls aren't funny (I'll forgive you), he cracks us up!

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4. He has values! His personality doesn't stop there. His family values have taught him a lot, and we think they came from his parents. He told O'Brien that his parents didn't want to leave his mother's maiden name out, hence his two last names. How cute! With fame, some stars get cocky, but JGL has said that he thinks it's ridiculous that celebrities are held above others! "Astronauts and teachers are much more amazing than actors," he said. Humble and family oriented? Yes, please! 5 Reasons We Love Christian Bale As Batman

5. He's freakin' adorable. You knew it was coming! We saved the best for last. When Joseph Gordon-Levitt throws around that adorable grin and squints those eyes, we absolutely melt. We're pretty sure in 10 Things I Hate About You we would have ditched Andrew Keegan far sooner than Larisa Oleynik did! He looks amazing in everything he does, from dancing in 10 Things to kicking some major dreamers' butts in Inception, and even when he pulls at our hearts (and tear ducts) when he's crying in 50/50.

What's there not to love?