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100 Percent Of Men Agree They Love THIS Type Of Sex Most

100 Percent Of Men Agree They Love THIS Type Of Sex Most

The divide between the sex drives of males and females is absolutely worth exploring (as evidenced by the popularity of Sex and the City). Though Carrie B. was fine with musing, "I couldn't help but wonder…" and asking strangely-phrased questions about intimacy, our friends at Tokii were a bit more proactive. They surveyed their users and found some note-worthy results. Grab your notebooks, people, this info may come in handy.

It starts with a smooch. A little bit of lip locking never hurt anyone; in fact, it's helped many a person seal the deal for sex. Fifty-seven percent of men and 48 percent of women say their absolute favorite form of foreplay is a kiss. The best place to smooch for sexual stimulation? It's all about necking it, baby—62 percent of women and 40 percent of men list the neck as their favorite erogenous zone of the body.

All men agree… It's not often you read survey results to see that all men agreed on something. But those surveys must not have been asking about mind-blowing sex. Tokii found that 100 percent of guys believed sex is exceptional when their partner gets "really into it." Fifty-five percent of women said the same. Of course, getting into it can mean different things for different people—perhaps trying a new position, offering some verbal feedback or dabbling in a role-playing game—so it's best to discuss with your Valentine what you're both looking for.

Sex for stress relief? Of course, sex isn't always the result of a carnal need for intercourse. Forty-five percent of women have sex when they're feeling sad or stressed. Interestingly, only five percent of women say they achieve intimacy with a person by connecting sexually. Meanwhile, only 18 percent of men seek sex when they're sad, but 85 percent of men crave it when they're stressed.

Check out Tokii's sex-ified infographic below: