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5 Reasons We Love Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum love

Channing Tatum is one of Hollywood's most adorable and romantic actors. We aren't sure if it's his abs or the way he loves his wife, Jenna Dewan, but he's so hot to us!

The 32 year-old recently released The Vow which as bad as the ratings were, made women everywhere tear up just a little. The superstar is now starring in Magic Mike (we cannot wait to see it!) Who knew a film about male strippers could be so endearing. We love Channing Tatum for way more than five reasons but here are a few!

1. He respects women. He thinks women are sultry and sexy. Tatum opened up to Glamour Magazine about Magic Mike and revealed: "Women are so sultry and sexy, and that's why guys go to strippers. But I think girls go to be embarrassed with their friends." Yeah, he believes men aren't as interesting. 5 Reasons We're Excited To See The Stripper Movie "Magic Mike"

2. He's a romantic. He hides love notes for his wife, Jenna. Tatum told People a few months ago, "I see caring for somebody as a creative outlet. I like drawing little faces and writing little stories and hiding them in places." He admitted to People that it's easy to care about someone and be thoughtful in everyday life. He opened up to Glamour and revealed that he goes camping with his wife of three years to unplug from technology. "We just sit by the campfire, and sip wine or beer, and talk." Swoon! Could he get any more intimate than that?

3. He's funny and easy-going. Channing enjoys leaving notes for his wife under the toilet seat (which we're sure is quite a humorous shock in the morning) and has been known to play practical jokes on his co-stars. He showed up to the set of The Vow with a prosthetic penis to get co-star Rachel McAdams laughing.

4. He's honest. He admits to not being the best actor, but he's always willing to learn. He did a lot of the romantic movies to learn from directors and actors he's a fan of himself. Magic Mike is his brain-child. Believe it or not, at one time this actor was a stripper. A-List Links: See Channing Tatum Strip To "It's Raining Men"

5. He's got great abs. We can't wait to see Magic Mike for a full version of those abs! Channing's wife is proud of the film and isn't worried about him baring it all for the world. Steve Carrell has joked that he can out-ab Tatum. We'll tune into Magic Mike and see if his co-star, Matthew McConaughey, can compete with all that sexiness!

Tell us: what do you love about Channing Tatum?

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