The Pain Of Injustice


Number five in an ongoing series about the Seven Dwarves of Smallness.

In my continued contemplations about the seven dwarves of smallness, I have been thinking about injustice and punishment this past week. This is dwarf number five, and his mantra is “I will be punished for speaking my truth because life is unfair.” (if you want to read the others, go to http://romancerecovery.com/blog/

This dwarf shows up, as they all do, in a number of ways. Some relate directly to romantic relationships, while others affect your work life and other relationships. Here are some of the faces of the injustice dwarf.
1. You are afraid to speak your truth, so you don’t share your message in any significant way. Many healers are afflicted with this; I suffered from it myself in my early years as a coach. It showed up as self sabotage; I’d get a few clients, then stop marketing myself. Or, I’d make a great presentation, then not make a call to action that would have led to people signing up as clients.
2. You have an “assumption of injustice.” This is another way to say that you’re a pessimist. You assume people are out to get you, and that things won’t work out for you. How can you tell if you’re one of these people? Pay attention to your self talk. Do you say things like, “Oh, that’s just my luck,” or “I never win anything.”? Remember, your words are powerful, pay attention to them.
3. You act like a victim in certain situations. The victim archetype assumes that everyone’s out to get you, and nothing is your fault. Because you believe life is inherently unfair, you give over your personal power. When bad things happen, it’s always because of someone or something out of your control.

While it may be true that some things happen outside your control, you always have the ability to control your reactions and your own actions. You always have the ability to choose your thoughts, and you have the ability to choose where you focus your attention. You can train yourself to become what Jack Canfield calls a “reverse pessimist.” I like to say that the Universe is always conspiring on my behalf.

I’ve yet to meet anyone who wasn’t afflicted with the fear of speaking their truth at some point in their life. It seems to be part of the experience of being human, and the goal is to overcome the fear. We live in a time of great tolerance. It’s not perfect, but we’ve no fear of being burned at the stake or stoned to death... at least not in this country.

Speaking your truth is a powerful way to shine your light. In order to feel comfortable speaking your truth, you have to shine the light into the shadows of your subconscious and understand how the dwarf of injustice tries to keep you small. To do so, ask yourself these questions:
1. In what situations do I hide my truth?
2. What am I afraid would happen if I spoke my truth there?
3. How could I set myself up for success in speaking my truth safely?
If you’d like help with this, please email me for a complimentary 30 minute discovery session. johanna@romancerecovery.com