Dating Disaster: You Asked Me Out AND You Want To Go Dutch?

going dutch

Seriously, give me my money back.

This was with a guy I know, we've met several times through mutual friends in gatherings, but one particular night, it was going to be only me and him, as he asked me out.

We decided to go to the movies. As a gentleman, he should pay and he did. As most dating books will tell you: you asked, you pay! After we got popcorn and were heading towards the theatre, he asked me to pay him back. I laughed and said "OK." I thought he was being funny.

After the movie finished, I gave him money him to play along. He told me that he had been joking, yet he still managed to take it and shove it into his pocket! If that was meant to be funny, well, I did not get the joke!

He dropped me at home, obviously undeserving of a good night kiss. Instead, I just left the car and ran to tell my friends about it. Dating Disaster: Are You A "Businessman" Or A Pimp?

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