How to Save a Relationship


When a relationship goes sour there is always a reason. Get help understanding how to fix a problem.

[The following comes from one of the real-guy bloggers in the Dating Without Drama community]

When a relationship goes sour there is always a reason. Sometimes there is more than one reason. But what you do about it is the key to whether you are going to become a stronger couple or end up single again. This is just one guy's opinion on the matter based on what I have seen and experienced so far in life. Read on to get relationship tips you can start using right now...

Two-Month Rule
Hopefully there is some level of foundation that has been built so that both people actually have a reason to consider saving it. But if the relationship is relatively new or short, often times it is just easier to let it go. Let's just call it a two-month rule. If anything breaks within the first two months of a relationship it probably isn't worth saving. Usually that is the grace period where everything is supposed to be goofy smiles and love-struck awe. A problem in that area should be considered a red flag.
But for those who don't like to give up or have more seasoned relationships....

Steps to Fixing Things

Step 1 - Figure out if the issue is a deal breaker. There is nothing worse than thinking, "I can get over that" when you actually can't. It is like when a guy cheats on a girl and she decides that they can work past it, but then she is constantly second guessing the decision, develops trust issues, and worries about it happening again. That type of wedge will just keep pushing down and splitting you apart no matter how much you try and patch over it. If you truly can't get over the issue then you need to let the relationship go.

Step 2 - Communicate. This is an absolute must for all relationships. Men and women need to figure out how to sit down and have an honest to god conversation where they share feelings and thoughts without getting upset. This is very hard but it is a huge key to having a great relationship. It requires honesty, openness, and a bit of bravery. You have to both be able to tell each other what you really think without being afraid of hurting each other's feelings. Otherwise how can you truly expect to fix a problem? But (and this is a big but) there has to be an agreement that in communicating this way we (men) can be honest with you otherwise we might hold back.

Step 3 - Hopefully, you have both agreed to keep going and get past the issue. Now you need to start dating again. No, I don't mean other people. You need to start dating each other again. Most people start with dating which then turns to romance and then turns to routine. The best parts of the relationship are always the dating-romance cycle where you discover each other and enjoy things about other. Men love the thrill of the chase, so challenge us to pursue you again and rediscover the fun you have as a couple.

Step 4 - Have a lot more sex. Not just boring sex either but mind blowing, make sure you are both having an incredible time, amazing sex. There is a level of closeness you get from being together along with a valuable emotional and physical release. Communicate in the bedroom about what you want and need. People that have great sex often are usually more relaxed and happy with each other and other issues can become easier to work on.

Honestly I think a lot of couples over think things too much. If you decide you both still want to be together then the steps to having a healthy and happy relationship are pretty darn simple. You talk and share your lives. You help and support each other. You go out and have fun, living life together; and you have lots of great sex.