High On Life: The Pros And Cons Of Smoking Pot With Your Spouse

Does pot help or hurt?

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When it comes to relationships, how does smoking pot affect them? Let's consider:

The pros of getting high with your significant other:

It's fun to giggle together, make Rice Krispies Treats, and then bring them to a picnic where, after you've consumed your treats but you're still high and giggling, you can roll around on the ground and maybe even have some sex.

When you smoke pot with someone you love, you have a sense of connection because you're on the same playing field and your brains are on the same wavelength. Actually, pot can be good for any relationship. Hust think about all the "connections" you've had with equally stoned strangers. Also, I hear sex can get more intense when you're high. 


The cons of getting high with your significant other:

Smoking weed can really mess up a relationship, too. If it's not done in moderation, marijuana can take over and make you so lazy and lethargic that the chances of you wanting to make Rice Krispies Treats and going on a picnic — let alone to ever do anything productive — are pretty much non-existent.

And if one person in the couple becomes a bigger stoner than the other (which happens, often), it can cause a rift between the two parties, and what was once fun and recreational will be no longer. You end up with one person who wants to live their life, and the other who wants to sit at home sucking on a bong and acting like Brad Pitt's character in True Romance.


Consider which path you'd like to take. You don't want to wake up six months from now kicking yourself because you were so busy getting high that you let the love of your life get away.