Dating Disaster: She Wanted To Go To A Sex Club

Heartbreak, Sex

She was a little upset that he wasn't as kinky as she would have liked.

"It's a kink club," Rebecca explained. "They have fancy equipment in their basement for sexy games." If I wasn't nervous before, I was now!

I'd met Rebecca at a party, just as she was coming off of a very bad breakup.  A man had proposed to her, then later told her that he'd changed his mind. He'd explained it by saying he'd been too drunk to know what he was doing. If she wasn't wild before, she was now.

I was just a nerd from the suburbs, trying to keep up with my big city date. After a long day at work, Rebecca showed up at her front door wearing a ridiculously tight corset.  "Hurry up and drive us there," she'd said. "My corset is killing me."

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As we sped recklessly away from her house, I drove over a speed bump.  I was trying to act casual, so as the car made a loud "Ka-thump," I made a joke, something like "That's how wild I am."  And then my muffler snapped in two. There was a horrible screeching sound as it scraped along the asphalt. A spectacular trail of sparks began following us ominously. It was impossible to ignore.

So in my fancy date clothes, I crawled under the car, as little rocks scratched up my back, and stared uncomprehendingly at the two pieces of the muffler. "This corset is still killing me!," Rebecca shouted from the front seat. Eventually I snapped the muffler's pieces precariously together and finally shoved them back into what looked like the right place and then reemerged for the date. My face and hands were now covered with random splotches of soot. Dating Disaster: Did You Steal My iPod?

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