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Love Bytes: 5 Reasons He Hasn't Proposed... Yet (Be Optimistic!)

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You've likely never heard this before, but some men are sometimes adverse to commitment. Or maybe they just take commitment VERY seriously. If your guy is dragging his feet about getting married, it could because of one, some or all of these five reasons. (Huffington Post)

Here are 9 ways to strengthen your relationship. (Betty Confidential)

Evidently, "jilling" off is not a sin. We'll consult the Bible. (Crushable)

Mad Men is BACK! There are 10 reasons Don Draper would make a piss-poor boyfriend. (Em & Lo)

Okay. The first roll around the hay was terrible. Can you rebound from bad first-time sex with a person? (HowAboutWe)

You get rid of a cobra by getting a mongoose. But how do you get rid of a mongoose? Or a crazy ex-girlfriend? (The Gloss)

Speaking of not un-crazy, are you starting fights just to get attention? (Madame Noire)

Is there going to be a sea change in the male-female dynamic? (Nerve)

Can men and women just be friends? Define "friends." Define "just." Define "be." (The Stir)

While dinner and a movie is pretty okay, here are 25 first date ideas that are lil' more creative. (The Frisky)

What the what? Nowadays men are settling for "just good enough." I'm starting to get the feeling that America may have too much self-esteem. (The Daily Beast)

How to get your parents' backs while they're getting a divorce. (Glo)

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