Learning to cope after the passing of a beloved Aunt

I am sad and lost,because it was just two short weeks ago that we received a call that would alter our family's lives forever. My cousin Frank called to inform us that the woman who had been there for me all my life and was more than just an Aunt,but also a best friend,had died in her sleep. We still don't know what caused her death because she seemed fine the last time we saw her,which had only been a few weeks prior. Yet,she is gone and Myself,My Mom(who now has no siblings left),my grandparents,her children,grandchildren and all the countless others who were touched by her life are left with holes in their hearts. She endured many struggles in her 62 years,but through it all she managed to keep a beautiful smile on her face and was constantly praising and thanking God and praying for others everywhere she went. I remember the way she always liked to greet me. She always liked to say my full name,which aggravated me sometimes,but now I'd give my last dime to hear it one more time. She'd have that big smile and her arms held out for me and say cheerfully "Hey Carly Joanna Cauthen!" And whenever I was troubled,she'd always be there to say,"Hang in there girl" or "I'll be praying for you." Now I'll have to wait until I go join her in Heaven to see that beautiful smile again and see those arms stretched out for the one she always called "her special niece." I know she'd tell me to be strong and take care of everybody for her so,I will carry on as best I know how and try to do that. And now I say to all of you,don't take your loved ones for granted for one second,because you never know when you're spending your last days with them. Tomorrow isn't promised,so enjoy each moment while you can. Love each other and do your best to get along. I hope and pray I can strive to be half the woman she was. I love you Aunt Diane,and until we meet again,I'll do my best to "hang in there" just for you. Rest in eternal peace.