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4 New And Fun Ways To Use Lube With Your Man

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Most of us probably have a lube bottle or two stashed in our bedside table and for good reason—some extra moisture can work wonders during marathon sex or anal experimentation.

But are we being a little too vanilla when it comes to lube usage? Can we put that bottle to work more often in the bedroom? As a matter of fact, yes. We sat down with relationship educator and author of Hot Monogamy, Pat Love, to brainstorm a few out-of-the-box ways lube can make hot sex even hotter.

1. Get to know your man's G-spot. The man's G-spot is the place right between the anus and the penis, says Love, and if you want to really give him a thrill try applying some warming lube to your finger and gently work the area. "It creates a fantastic element of surprise," she says. "Most men will be open to it, too." Why Do Guys Love Lube?

2. Make oral sex delicious. Astroglide has a strawberry-flavored lube on the market that can make 69 tastier than before. "The strawberry flavor has no sugar and doesn't cause yeast infections," she says. So use without abandon. "A little goes along way," she adds. "So once you feel like it's dried up, just add a few drops of water to make it come back to life."

3. Erotic massage anyone? On your next lazy Sunday try spreading warming lube all over each other's bodies and get in touch with your inner masseuse. There's no hotter foreplay than working on each other's neck and shoulder knots. 10 Reasons To Use Lube

4. Rediscover the art of the hand job. It's quite possible the last time you gave a hand job was back in high school. No judgments here, but maybe you'll want to get handy under the sheets (or on the couch or under the kitchen table...) with dollop of lube and a few extra minutes. Your man will thank you.

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