10 Reasons To Use Lube

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It's safe to say most people know the general purpose of lube; that purpose being to "wet the pipes" for smoother sexual sailing. But lube is good for much more than a quick pre-intercourse application. That little tube can bring intensified pleasure, longer-lasting sex and some pretty kinky foreplay, too.

But don't just take our word for it. We asked the experts—doctors and lube users alike—and they let us know exactly why they love those little tubes of pleasure.

1. "If you have any kind of vaginal dryness—whether naturally, due to medical complications or just because you're post menopause—lube is like a gift. Sex becomes so much easier with it." –Dr. Dorree Lynn

2. "Flavored lubes can make oral sex much more fun, and are safer than using whipped cream or honey, which can cause infection." –Charlie Glickman, Ph.D.

3. "Using a toy in bed can double your pleasure—especially after adding a bit of lube." –Julie, 27

4. "Lube eliminates any delays between the onset of desire and actually doing it." –Tom, 42

5. "People focus too much on using lube to make things move easily on the 'inside.' My wife and I love to rub a bit around our genitals; it makes for a much more intense ride overall." –Paul*, 39

6. "If a man is well endowed, lube will make the experience more pleasant for the woman. No painful sex!" – Bonnie, 48

7. "Condoms can really dry you out so lube helps prevent that. Plus, adding a touch of lube to the penis before putting the condom on can help men enjoy sex more." –Jennifer, 42

8. "One surprising benefit of a bit of lubrication? It can prevent infections. Friction from lube-less sex causes heat which encourages bacterial growth; so the less friction (and the more lube!) the better." –Mikaya, 43

9. "Speaking of, less friction means you're less likely to break a condom, so lube can help prevent an "oops" moment later on." –Tom

10. "Because spit does not equal lube." Seriously. –Roylin, 48

Tell us, how do you use lube?

*Name has been changed for privacy.