Why Do Guys Love Lube?

Why Do Guys Love Lube?

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There is just so much to love about a guy who brings lube.

We know what you're likely thinking: "Uggh, lube? Why would he bring THAT?" But ladies, it's time to stop hating on that tiny tube of pleasure, because it can make sex that much better.

"The sensations of lube make sex sexier and highly arousing," explains sex therapist Joe Kort, PhD. "It can make erections last longer and sex more playful, plus it adds time to [a man's] connection to his partner."

Essentially, a little bit of lube can go a long way towards making your sexual experience longer, more enjoyable and eons more comfortable. No wonder men love it.

Speaking of comfort, lube serves more than one purpose, ladies. Yes, it can help a guy maintain an erection, but it can also make intercourse ten times more enjoyable for your lady parts as well. Better yet, you can avoid the awkward, "Honey, I'm not wet enough yet," conversation that typically accompanies vaginal dryness.

"No one wants to talk about lack of lubrication when they are trying to be sexy," says Dr. Kort. "Lube is a quick solution."

Sex therapists aren't the only men raving about lube. Guys tell us they love lube because it seals the deal—for both the man and the woman. Says Alan, age 28, "It ensures you'll have a good time, even if you weren't really in the mood to start with." 4 Ways To Get You In The Mood

Of course, others choose to elaborate even further. We couldn't help but giggle when Ray, 30, told us how lubrication can turn sex from "this isn't happening" into "this is awesome."

Tell us, ladies and gentlemen, do you use lube?

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