Dating Disaster: Yeah, The Crying Means He's Still Into His Ex

Dating Disaster: Yeah, The Crying Means He's Still Into His Ex

Saying her name one time was a mistake. Blubbering it over and over was a sign to go.

I was with my mum in the mall, when my mum wanted to go to the toilet, so I walked her there and waited outside. This guy came up to me and asked me if he could use my cell phone to call him own phone to check if it was working. Of course, I saw past that excuse and didn't hesitate as he was incredibly good-looking.

"Sure, what's your number?" I asked. After I called him and made sure his phone was working, he thanked me and left.

I expected a call from him at any moment, and as my expectations didn't fail me, he called that night. We agreed to meet and grab dinner the day after at his place. When I went there the following day, I couldn't believe how he prepared the setting: soft music, amazing dinner, candles, everything. Soon after dinner, we started kissing and continued to go further. You'd think it was a third date, but the second beat it to the third in my case! Dating Disaster: I Kissed My Cousin

During the hot and heavy action, he was calling me by his ex's name. I thought, "Wow it slipped. Hmm, that's embarrassing for him!"

But when it happened again several minutes later, I realized what I was dealing with. Shockingly, he kept calling me Farah! A girl's name?!

"Why did you do this to me? I love you Farah," he kept saying. Again, a she? Dating Disaster: His Name Wasn't Scott, Evidently

At that moment, I got up, dressed quickly and said, "I'm really sorry, I hope your ex-girlfriend will come back to you, but I need to leave now. Bye."

I was afraid that he wouldn't let me leave. I mean, we've seen how this goes in the movies!

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