The #1 Phrase Men Hate To Hear The Most

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Pay Attention To In Your Relationships
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These four words send shivers down a man's spine.

It's pretty obvious that men and women communicate differently — that simple fact has been the basis for many a tired sitcom or rom-com plot. But the gender divide in communication is an interesting one to explore, especially in terms of relationships.

Tokii investigated these differences and found some surprising results that are worth paying attention to if you'd like to keep your relationship (and your sex life) intact. Yeah, we thought that might grab your attention.

Using the phrase "We need to talk."

We call that the "phrase that launched a thousand breakups." It's pretty easy to dread the conversation that follows once someone speaks those four words. Tokii's results show that 89 percent of men assume the worst when their partner says "Let's talk," only 61 percent of women do the same. The takeaway? Find a new way to initiate difficult conversations. 

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Now, when we say aggressive we don't mean, "Call the police!" aggression. Rather, we're talking a face-the-conflict-head-on type of attitude.

Interestingly, women are more aggressive when it comes to solving relationship woes; more than half of them (54 percent) want to face the issue head on and discuss it immediately. Meanwhile, 44 percent of men want to avoid it.

Before we condemn men for not wanting to deal with problems, however, it's worth mentioning that 40 percent of men admit to losing control of emotions during an intense conversation, so perhaps the guys are just sparing us the struggle of a heated conversation. 

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To be blunt, maintaining good communication with your partner is crucial if you'd like to maintain a good sex life, too.

Thirty-two percent of women and 28 percent of men are less likely to be interested in intercourse when they're not communicating well with one another.

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