Florida Women Set Up Facebook Group To Catch Cheaters

You may find out your man is lying to you

Florida Facebook group TikTok

A Facebook group for the Fort Lauderdale area in Florida is taking "girls supporting girls" to a whole new level by giving women a space to warn each other against dating certain men.

The private group allows member to discuss if the man they are seeing is authentic or if they are just another liar.

In the 'Are we dating the same guy?' Facebook group, women review men.

Sharing the group, two TikTok creators urged all Southern Floridian women to join the group. One of the creators, Caryn, shared an experience she had with a man she dated who she says gave her the creeps. 


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"So I joined this group that I found today because I wanted to see if he was on there. Sure enough, there's two girls who have previously dated him as well who he has preyed on," she said in her TikTok.



"If you want to date, be safe about it. This is the group that we've needed for a really long time, especially in this area," Caryn added at the end of her video. 


One comment on her video joked about dating in the Southern Florida area, saying, "LMFAO, YALL ARE ABOUT THE CATCH SAME DUDE DATING 5 OTHER GIRLS! Miami is wicked."

Another creator has shared the group to help expose it to women hoping more will join. 

User jxnay also shared the group after first seeing the group in the New York City area.



One user asked in her video, "Where do I sign up for this group!? I got the biggest Miami narcissist to expose!" 


She responded with a second video showing the user there was one available for the Southern Florida area. 

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The group, as stated on its Facebook page, says, "This group is a place for women to protect and empower other women while warning each other of men who might be liars, cheaters, abusers, or exhibit any type of toxic or dangerous behavior."

It's not just for the Florida area, as jxnay showed in her video. 

The group has expanded to multiple other cities, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Kansas City, and San Francisco — you can find all cities they cover on Facebook.


The groups have coverage across the United States and has three main objectives on their sites being to warn other women about toxic men, inquire about men you're seeing, and a safe space for relationship support or advice you are seeking. 

However, the group does not control what the users decide to do outside of the group and urges anyone posting on the group to post anonymously.

They state in some of their rules to not post sensitive information, no victim blaming, no libel or defamation of character, and be kind and courteous to everyone in the group.


If you plan to join the group for your local area, be cautious that the man you are now dating may not be telling the truth, and what better way to find out than from your local Facebook group?

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