How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring For Your Girlfriend


To choose the right engagement ring for your girlfriend.

So you have taken the big leap and proposed to your girlfriend. Aside from the wedding plans you now have to go and have a look at engagement rings and choose that perfect piece of jewellery for your new fiance. There are so many different styles of diamond rings to choose from how do you pick the right one to symbolise your love? The main thing is to take your time deciding and choose something that both of you really love. An engagement ring is traditionally a fairly significant financial investment, so you want to get it right.


Choose a ring that is going to suit your girlfriend's personality, as well as her taste. Take your cue from how she dresses and what sort of things she likes to do. If she is fairly conservative then you might want to go for a single solitaire diamond ring, with either a white or yellow gold band. A diamond ring with a raised setting is beautiful, while still being traditional and simple, and is also a timeless style. If she likes to stay ahead of fashion perhaps you might want to give her something a little more modern. Choose a different shaped diamond, maybe a pear or emerald shaped. You could also have a setting that has more than one diamond. If she is a romantic then you might want to go for a heart shaped diamond.

Cut, Colour and Clarity

The three main things you need to decide on when choosing the diamond ring for your girlfriend are deciding on the cut, the colour and clarity of the diamond. The cut refers to the shape of the diamond. Your choice includes either round, emerald, pear shaped, heart shaped, princess cut, marquise or radiant. There are a wide range of colours too and these include white, yellow, champagne and pink. There are rare diamonds in other colours like blue or extremely rare like red, but these diamonds, despite hardly being seen, would be extremely expensive. The clarity of the diamond refers to how many natural flaws it has. The less flaws the greater the clarity, and naturally the more expensive it is.


Traditionally a man should spend a months wages on an engagement ring for his girlfriend, but this is not always possible for everyone, nor is it a rule that is set in stone. It is entirely up to you what you choose to spend, and although it is not a romantic thing to consider in the excitement of the moment, you need to be conscious of your budget. These days many couples prefer to spend a little less on things like the ring and the wedding and put the money towards a first home.


Trust your instinct when choosing a ring. Preferably choose the ring together. Your girlfriend should be given the final say, considering it is for her to wear, but your input would be greatly appreciated. It is likely you will both know when you see the one.