Can Snoring Affect Your Marriage?


It is typical to be caught off guard concerning your snoring.

It is typical to be caught off guard concerning your snoring. You possibly do not even recognize it is occurring. Though it may seem a bit silly that snoring could lead to such relationship chaos, it is a very real and common issue. If you dismiss your spouse’s worries and refuse to attempt to resolve the issue, you are sending the clear message to your spouse that you do not care about his or her feelings. It might mean your marriage is in trouble, and that is a larger issue than the snoring.

Troubleshooting to Cease in Snoring

So you have attempted varioussleeping positions and you remain suffering from noisy evenings? Attempt these self-help recommendations:

• Lose some weight: Losing just a bit of weight could decrease the fatty tissue within the back of your throat and reduce snoring. In general, exercise could be of assistancedue to toning the arms, abs and legs inadvertently leading to toning muscles that you do not see within your throat that will lead to less snoring.

• Clear your nasal passages: Possessing a stuffy nose will make inhalation hard and will create a vacuum inside the throat that in turn, will lead to snoring. You could perform it naturally using a Neti pot or attempt nasal strips or nasal decongestants in order to assist you in breathing easier as you sleep.

• Stop smoking: If you’re a smoker, your opportunities of snoring will be high. Smoking leads to airways being blocked by irritating your membranes within the throat and nose.

• Set up regular sleeping patterns: Develop a bedtime routine with your spouse, then stick with it. Going to bed on a routine together could promote improved sleep and thus, minimize the snoring.

• Keep your bedroommoist using a humidifier: Dryer air could irritate the membranes inside the throat and nose.

• Reposition yourself: Raising the head 4 inches might ease breathing as well as encourage thejaw and tongue to move forward.

Decrease Snoring by Avoiding These Substances

Studies show that ingestion of specificmedicines and foods just before going to bed could make the snoring worse. Putting a ban on these snore-hazards just before bedtime could make for more restful nights:

• Caffeine

• Antihistamines

• Sleep pills and additional relaxants

• Alcohol

• Soymilk

• Dairy products

• Large meals

Clinical Snoring Remedies

Newer developments are on the rise. Somnoplastyand laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty remove portions of your soft palate to decrease snoring utilizingradiofrequency signals or lasers. These new remedies might need further study.

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About the Author: Aaron Garcia has studied sleep for many years, including different methods of preventing snoring. He has also participated in and observed numerous sleep studies, which attempted to find the causes of various sleep disorders.