The Shoe Theory for Staying Single


Have you ever wondered why there are quite a few girls who stay single although there is no objective reason for them having difficulty in finding a partner? On the contrary: they are beautiful and smart, and successful… a personification of the perfect spouse and, yet, they are suffering a chain of failures in relationships. And they are really neither picky nor ill-tempered!

I have a hypothesis from the series “Convenient theories for me”, which is a bit of comfort to me :)

When men come upon such a woman, they clap their hands in exclamation: ‘She is all I have ever wanted! This is my dream girl who I can grow old with!’

Then… what goes wrong?

The truth is that there is no one to blame and nothing can be done to prevent the disastrous outcome…

Some women are like those posh high-heeled filthily expensive shoes that everybody falls in love with. You must have experienced it: when you come upon a fancy pair of shoes and are hopelessly bewitched. You must have them! And you get them. But when you start wearing them, it turns out that they are not so comfortable. Your feet get sore, your toes start bleeding and the nails fall down. And no matter how long you clench your teeth hoping that things will get better, it does not happen.

And one day you take off your shoes, put them on the shelf, take a nostalgic look at them and sighingly beckon goodbye, thinking: ‘I still love you and still find you amazing, but I can’t handle you. It is time to get back to something more comfortable though not that gorgeous.’

A good proof in support of the theory is the fact that very often men, who have experienced “a shoe affair”, get married to the next girl whom they start dating or “recycle” prior relationships.

I am just wondering whether what one person finds uncomfortable about a pair of shoes could be found comfortable by another? Or some women are forever doomed to stay on the shelf...