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College Guys Think 10 Or More Sex Partners Is "Slutty"

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According to a new survey conducted by Her Campus Media, 55.3 percent of college guys in the U.S. think a girl is "slutty" if she's had 10 or more sex partners. This is compared to only 33 percent who said a girl's "number" doesn't automatically make her a slut.

Houston, we have a couple of problems with this.

For starters, we've heard from guys in the past that how many notches we have on our bedpost really doesn't matter so long as we're playing it safe and smart. So we can have 1, 10, 20, or 600 hookups, and whether we choose to share that exact number or fib a little bit, we would hope the men in our lives wouldn't judge us for it. Should You Reveal The Number Of People You've Slept With?

But this new statistic proves that now our number not only matters to 18 to 23-year-old guys, but they're going to think of us as "slutty" if we happen to cross into double digits. Half Of Men Lie About Their Number Of Sex Partners

I'm sorry, but this is 2011 right?

Now, Her Campus's survey didn't clarify whether 10+ partners refers to just for the duration of time girls are in college, or if it applies to their whole lifetime. But to put this in perspective for you, according to a Trojan condoms study conducted earlier this year, the national average of sex partners is 13 in a lifetime. So technically, 10 is not a very high number. You can rack those up while you're living it up in undergrad or take your time after you graduate, and you would still have fewer notches under your belt than the average person!

So, are we all sluts in the eyes of today's college guys? And perhaps more importantly, why do they still think it's OK to call us that? Is it because we call ourselves that, or because using the word "promiscuous" takes too many brain cells?

Do you think 10 sex partners is too many for a college girl? How many people did you sleep with by the time you graduated college?