Smart Talk: Your Sex Number

Smart Talk: Your Sex Number

We asked how many people you have had sex with and you let us know. The answers ranged from tragic to defensive, open and honest, but they were all revealing. Here is what you had to say:

So....I was raped as a virgin at 14...I'm now 42. I don't count that one. I've had issues with sex and self confidence ever since. I used to keep a list...stopped when I got to about 200. I cried....and I was only about 20. That was 20 years ago. If I had to guess, I'd say I've slept with about 600 people. And I haven't had sex for years now....that's really f****d up!!

I've had sex with one girl, and i lost my virginity to her on my 21st birthday!
She was a lot more experienced than me, as she has had about 40 previous sexual partners. I saw past that as i really liked her...but my worst fears were allayed, when she left me for no apparent reason after 2 months. I was/am heartbroken :(

I'm 23 and I've been with 4 men. When I was 16 I just really wanted to have sex to get it over with and find out what the big fuss was ablout. Let me just say he sucked! He was older than me so I was thinking that he would know what to do...he did not. Other than the first time the other 3 men have been AMAZING! Every one of them brought something different to the bedroom. I'm married now and he is wonderful, we've been together 6 years. Being in a long loving relationship means you get to try alot of fun stuff?!

im 18 an ive dated 5 people total all ranging in ages an how long i dated them from weeks to 1 yr. I never slept with any of them untill number 5 which i waited till i was 17 1/2 to have sex with he is the bf ive been wit for over 1 yr. now. We are somewhat happy together but thats only cas we get into too many fights together. But what relationship isnt like that? Im proud of myself that i saved myself for that man who is thinking of marrying me. He was my first real love an he always will be my only real love

I'm 24 and have been married for almost 5 years. I'm a bisexual woman and my husband is fine with me having extramarital relationships with women, so I also currently have a girlfriend. Well, I had voted in the 11-20 range, but after I hit the vote button I realized that I had only been counting my partners of the opposite sex. I have been with 17 men and 5 women. I am absolutely in no way ashamed of that number. The only partner that I have not practiced safe sex with has been my husband, for obvious reasons, which I am proud of. Sex is something that is special regardless of whether or not it's your first, your 20th, or whatever. Every partner I've had has, at that point in my life that I was with them, meant something to me.

ive had 4 sexual partners and i am 19. dont judge,im just being honest. my first was when i was 16 and we had been together for almost 2 years before i gave it up. i thought i was inlove but we broke it off a few weeksafter. number 2 was a one time only and number 3 was FWB that became something more. he was the most passionate, caring and amazing guy ive ever been with. number 4 i am still with and have been for 2 years.

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