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Surprise! Most College Guys DO Want To Get Married

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When I was in college not so long ago, most guys I knew on campus were more afraid of commitment than they were of flunking out. They would boast about their casual hookups on the weekends and the girl they were sexting on the fifth floor of the dorms while they were in bed with someone else on the fourth floor.

Oh college.

It seemed to me like marriage would be the last thing on their minds, but apparently, it isn't. According to a new survey conducted by Her Campus Media, 77 percent of college guys want to get married by the time they turn 30. That means they have to meet the person they want to settle down with while they're still in school or within a few years of graduating. And here I thought they were playing the field just because they could! College Students Would Rather Give Up Sex Than Carry Textbooks

There are a lot of other eye-opening stats from the survey, which questioned 1,176 males between the ages of 18 and 23 at over 350 U.S. colleges and universities. For instance:

  • 91.8 percent of college guys want to have children in the future (wait a sec, that's a lot bigger than the percentage of those who want to get married, hmm...)
  • 70 percent admit to "manscaping" down there, and 87 percent would like girls to do the same
  • 63.6 percent would "definitely not" show their friends a provocative "sext" their girlfriend sent them. However, if the photo was sent by a casual hookup, then 20.5 percent "probably would."

OK, so maybe they haven't fully outgrown their college behavior, but at least young guys are thinking about commitment, marriage and kids further down the road! You can breathe easy, ladies. Sorta. GASP! 80 Percent Of College Students Are Doing This Scary Thing

When you were in college, at what age did you think you would get married, if at all?