Half Of Men Lie About Their Number Of Sex Partners

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Should the number of people you've slept with in the past matter now?

That's just one of many questions addressed by the 2011 Great Male Survey from AskMen.com. They partnered with Cosmopolitan.com to pick the brains of nearly 80,000 people to discover just how different men and women are when it comes to certain issues, including sexual history.

More than half of men (51 percent) are completely honest about the number of sexual partners they have had. Of those who have lied, the reasons behind the deceit are split. Twenty-one percent say they lie because it's no one's business to know the truth. Sixteen percent do it to protect their ego, and 12 percent lie to spare a partner's feelings. Lying About Sexual History

Women are pretty much in the same boat. The results of the 2011 Great Female Survey show that 63 percent of ladies have never lied about their number of sexual partners. Like men, 21 percent lie because they feel it's not anyone's business. Smaller percentages of ladies use the other excuses, however. Only 9 percent lie to protect a man's feelings, and only 7 percent do it to protect their own ego.

Is that number really one we need to share? Yes, it's important to share some details about your sexual history with a partner—mainly for the sake of preventing the transmission of STD's. But what does it matter if you've slept with two people or 20, so long as you're infection-free and committed to being faithful? America Sets New Personal Record For STDs

More results are available on AskMen.com.

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What do you think? Does your partner have the right to know your "number?"