Best Summer Date Ideas: Activity Dates

Best Summer Date Ideas: Activity Dates

When it comes to "dating outside the box," our friends at HowAboutWe have cornered the market. HowAboutWe is the only dating site where members express themselves through creative, fun date ideas instead of tedious personal essays and endless messaging.

So, when it comes to great summer dates that are as unique as you are, they know what they're talking about.

#1: How about we go fountain hopping?

One of the most romantic movie scenes of all time is from Fellini's La Dolce Vita where Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni dance in the Trevi Fountains, but you don't have to go to Rome to recreate this romantic moment. Grab a towel, some beach balls, maybe a floating mattress or two, head to the nearest park/college campus/any place with lots of fountains, and pretend it's your personal resort for the day. Or, make like Mastrioanni and Ekberg, and dance like no one's watching. 

#2: How about we...set up our own lemonade stand?

On the hottest day of the year, head to the curb and channel your second grade selves by setting up a lemonade stand for the sweltering bystanders. Be sure to make the lemonade free, or use proceeds to raise money for a good cause. Or, if you're looking for a more adult version (and want to really impress your friends), try making Tequila Snow Cones.

#3: How about we...have a stargazing picnic? 

Make dinner, grab some bug spray, and head outside or up to the roof to eat under the stars. You can make it romantic by setting up lights, pillows and blankets—your own romantic rooftop fort. Make a playlist for the occasion as you lie back and try to point out as many constellations as you can. It's the perfect setting for a perfect kiss.

#4: How About a kite?

Kite flying is a perfect activity date for the couple who wants to get outside but isn't too sporty. It's a fun throwback to being a kid, just active enough to keep things interesting but not so consuming that it prevents you from maintaining a conversation. You'll have a good time laughing together while trying to get your kite in the air (it's surprisingly difficult!), and once it's up, you can kick back and watch it fly while date conversationflows effortlessly.

#5: How About We...head to the State Fair? 

A fair is a great summer date spot, because it combines all kinds of date activities in one location: food, activity, people watching, and just walking around. You can learn a lot about your date based on their fair preferences: do they like the rides, or prefer the animal showcases? Be sure to hit up the carnival games for some friendly competition, which studies show is one of the most important elements of a date and naturally leads to flirting.

#6: How about we... Watch some street ball like it's a real game?

Why spend a summer day cooped up in a stuffy stadium when you and your date could be out in the open air, watching the next generation of NBA pros hone their skills? Grab some popcorn, some sneaky drinks and your favorite novelty foam "#1" fingers and secure a bench at local blacktop courts. Root for opposing teams and don't be afraid to get rowdy. After all, trash-talking is one of the best flirting methods known to humankind. 

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#7 How About We... Plan a Sidewalk Chalk Surprise?

If you really like someone, and you think they really like you too, it's okay to pull out the Amelie-esque big guns. Tell your date to meet you in the park, but don't tell them ANYTHING else. Arrive early and leave elaborate sidewalk chalk directions leading to your actual location. Have a fancy picnic—cheese, wine, fresh fruit, the whole nine yards—waiting when they arrive. Your date will be so impressed they'll probably plant a big, wet smooch right on your clever little face. And you'll deserve it, you sly fox! Read more:

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#8: How about we... Have a Two Person Bike Parade?

Here's a recipe for a totally original summer date that's fun, easy and promotes real bonding. Ingredients: 2 bikes, 1 portable boom box, colorful streamers, two containers of bubbles with wands. Decorate your bikes with streamers, bump your favorite summer jams and let the bubbles fly as you ride around the neighborhood celebrating the season for all to see. Guaranteed "awwwwww" generator.

#9: How about we... Hula Hoop It Up?

How many awesome summer dates are also a great core strengthener? While doing crunches together in the park doesn't scream romance, hula hooping is a fun, goofy activity that will give you the giggles and maybe even lead to full-on belly laughing. Which is also a great core strengthener. 

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#10: How about we... Spend a Hot Day At The Zoo?

You probably don't remember how great the zoo really is. The adorable animals, the cotton candy, feeding time in the lion cage. You can walk around all day, holding hands and there's always a new topic of conversation right around the next corner. Don't worry about the heat. If you get too hot, you can always head to the Rainforest Building, cuddle up, cool down in the artificial mist while exotic birds fly overhead. 

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