New Smart Phone App Aims To Make Dating Less Dangerous

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New smart phone application features a way to escape potentially dangerous dating situations.

With the rise of our smart phone nation, there is an iPhone app for just about everything these days, especially when it comes to dating. Online dating on the go? There's an app for that. Kegel boot camp? There’s an app for that. Now we can tack onto the list the latest relationship technology to hit the market—the Safety Siren. iPhone App Helps You Remember To Do Kegels

Developed and funded by the YWCA Canada, this innovative app serves two functions. First, it provides as a hub of answers to questions about safe dating. Although some of the information is country specific—the app lists the age of consent and statistics about dating violence in Canada—most of the tips are applicable to young women everywhere. For example: If you're wondering, "How can I have a safe date?" or "Can I make my own medical decisions?" the Safety Siren app can tell you.

But the most interesting—and, in the world of online dating, the most useful—feature of the Safety Siren app is its S.O.S. function. If you press the designated safety button or shake the iPhone while the app is launched, an alert is sent out to a preset email address. The message includes your coordinates and dials an outgoing call to a pre-programmed number.

Did that nice guy you met on the Internet turn out to be a total sketchball? Send out the signal. Drink too much during your date to drive home? Sit tight and send out your S.O.S. 9 Ways To Escape A Bad Date

The siren function alone makes this application incredibly useful, although it banks on the assumption that everyone has access to a smart phone. Our friends at the Frisky say this makes it a bit class-specific, and we see their point. But still, for daters, the Safety Siren could come in quite handy, especially when threatened with violence or put in potentially harmful situations. Domestic Violence and Abuse

Although geared towards our neighbors to the north, the application is available for download in both French and English. However, the emergency hot lines, health centers and clinics listed in the app's directory are all Canadian.

What do you think ladies, would you use the Safety Siren application if it came to the US?

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