America's Favorite Sex Position — REVEALED!

If you've ever wondered how your favorite sex position lines up with the preferences of most Americans, look no further than the results of LifeStyle's online sex survey. The votes are in, the scores have been tallied, and the verdict is... missionary.

That's right, more than a third of women and a fifth of men favor what's commonly considered the most vanilla sex position.

We can't say we're surprised at its popularity. Missionary might be the default, but it's comfortable, it enhances emtional intimacy (face-to-face connection, woohoo!), and it provides full-body contact. In additional to missionary, women also expressed a penchant for doggy style (also the favorite position of people who have cheated), the cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and the lazy dog.

LifeStyles will continue unveiling results from their survey in the next several weeks, but in the meantime, here are a few things we've learned by following what's published on their website:

1. Women like getting creative. 83 percent of women are open to role-playing, so don't be afraid to ask if she'd exchange the pajamas for a busty librarian get-up. If playing "naughty student" isn't your thing, the survey also revealed that 81 percent of women are open to using sex toys and 75 percent are open to watching porn with their partners.

2. The number one fantasy is... You'd think it would be domination, but the most popular fantasy women reported was having sex in public. On that note, just under half of women fantasize about outdoor sex, while 27 percent dream about having group sex.

3. Foreplay is a woman's favorite part of sex. Believe it or not, the women surveyed preferred it to the orgasm itself.

4. People actually like condoms. The most sexually satisfied people are more likely to use condoms every time. We should also note that 75 percent of people who wear condoms frequently are open for having a threesome (with another woman), so take that as you will.

5. Serious relationships lead to better sex. So much for committed relationships growing dull. People with significant others are most sexually satisfied, and are more open to trying domination.