Premarital Counseling? There's An App For That

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Could an iPhone application save your forthcoming marriage?

Most people out there agree that marriage is tough. Between the compromises, the conversations about money, and the legal obligation to sleep next to a sweaty person; having a spouse isn't all about playing house and playing doctor. The crew at highly recommends looking into a sesh or two with an expert or a respected, older person before putting your wedding face on. In all honesty, what can it hurt? Should Premarital Counseling Be A Marriage Requirement?

Some of us have neither the money nor the inclination to participate in a little premarital counseling (it's bullsh to say you don't have time: if a successful relationship is important to you and you have the money or are inclined, do it). And for the people who are tight on money or motivation (and time, I guess), there's a solution for you. An app called Couplet ( was developed by a Ph.D named L. Sullivan to help betrothed pairs get ready for married life. The application goes for $4.99 and focuses on weekly exercises for couples to take stock in their relationship, and to figure out how to make their engagement about more than just getting ready for a wedding. iPhone, iPad and iTouch users will get relatively unobtrusive lessons and exercises a few times a week. Texas Premarital Counseling Program Not A Hit With Couples

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