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Bringing Sexy Back: 5 Ways To Increase Female Libido In Marriage

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Does living with your husband seem more and more like crashing with a roommate than with a spouse? Does it feel like years since you've had some soul-inspiring, body-exploding sexual intimacy in your marriage? When you've been together for a while, it's easy to lose the spark—especially for women. Increasing female libido in marriage can seem like a daunting task. But never fear—sexual arousal is right around the corner. These five tips will help you locate and increase that elusive female libido, so you and your man can succeed in bringing the sexy back into your marriage.

1. Say it. If your sex life is boring you, tell him. Be honest and remember to phrase it positively, but explain that things have become a little stale. By speaking about the unspoken, you'll begin the needed communication to get your tricky female libido back on track. Talking about all the things you really want to do in bed increases intimacy in your marriage, and it's is also a sexy form of foreplay, and we all know what foreplay leads to, right?

2. Switch it up. Most couples are comfortable with the classic positions when it comes to sex (think missionary, woman on top, doggy style), but bringing the sexy back requires moving beyond the same old positions. It's incredibly important to constantly update and upgrade your bedroom repertoire. Changing the ways, times and the places you have sex keeps it exciting. Keep your sex surprising and if at all possible, shocking!

When your mate jumps in the shower, join him or her. Plan a naked weekend together in your house or apartment by setting up a sexy campground in your living room. Explore the sexy world of lingerie by buying some new piece and showing your lover how hot you look and feel by putting on a passion-filled fashion show, complete with a striptease-filled big finish. Take the time to get creative with the scenario or better yet, the position.

3. Be confident. Nothing hurts your libido more than a lack of confidence. Not feeling attractive to your partner can cause you to treat your passionate desires like burdens. Take time outside of the bedroom to build up your inner confidence. Spend some time getting to know your body again. Focus on finding and increasing your unique female libido and feeding your inner-sex kitten. The time you take rebuilding your sexual confidence will be rewarded during the time you spend between the sheets.

4. Show it. Show your partner what you really want him or her to do to you sexually. Don't expect your guy to be a mind reader when it comes to what you find pleasurable. Men love to turn woman on, but most don't understand how female sexual arousal works. Instead, take the lead and "direct" your partner towards your best sex ever.

5. Supplement it. Another step towards bringing the sexy back is to start including sex toys and sexual supplements into your relationship. Sex toys can definitely break up the monotony of the same old boring missionary position by adding new flavors and discovery to sexual intimacy within your marriage.

Plan an "undercover trip" to an adult novelty store with your lover. Make the experience into a sexy night out that you'll both be talking about weeks and months later. Look, sample, touch, feel and try the many display models that are in the store. This will actually build anticipation and excitement for what's to come when you unwrap your new treats. Introducing these new "treats" to your partner and getting them to agree to embrace and incorporate them into your sex life can be be tricky, but if you take the time to learn about them together you'll be using them with glee in no time.

Educate yourself on sexual enhancers; they are often very powerful additions to your sex play. One product in this category that we love, is a little something called Zestra. Zestra is a sexual arousal aid for women, which is derived from all natural sources and works to increase sensitivity to touch. A recent study in The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy revealed that the botanical oils in Zestra were effective in enhancing sexual arousal in women.

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A successful relationship takes a lot of work. Even after you've figured out all the big stuff, you still need to find ways to keep the romance alive and bring the "sexy back" into your lives. By following the above advice you'll be on the road to renewed and wild passion in no time.

Post sponsored by Zestra