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Learn To Talk Dirty With Sexy Slang's Bedroom Challenges

The book: Sexy Slang's Bedroom Challenges.

It's easy to get in a rut in the bedroom. If both partners don't communicate what they want, sex loses its luster and can become, well… boring. And no one wants that.

Maybe you know your sexy time is in need of a serious pick-me-up, but are feeling a little tentative about the "Let's turn up the heat" discussion with your S.O. Well, worry no more!

Infuse a healthy dose of fun and games into your love life, as well as some communication and discovery, with a great read from authors Christi Smith Scofield and Ted Scofield: Sexy Slang's Bedroom Challenges: 69 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life.

Sexy Slang's goal is to introduce sexual dialogue into a relationship through a series of pictures and questions, encouraging you to guess a "sexy slang" term. They are classified by chapter, everything from "Hooters, HooHas and More" (covering your lady parts) to "No, It's Not a Back Massager" (sex toys, anyone?). Broken up into his and her challenges, one partner will try to guess a term from the picture, define it, read through the fun facts and answer three quick questions. Then if you score, you really score. The authors have designed the game so you will earn the "BOOTY PRIZE" as much as possible. After one partner finishes a turn, switch roles and try out some more naughty terms.

It's important to talk about those seemingly embarrassing or taboo subjects with your partner to get the most out of your sex life. As the authors say in their introduction, "You must...communicate. Talk, laugh, blush, moan, sigh...wink, wiggle, whisper. Be honest and open with each other. That is the true challenge, and we hope you succeed." 

If a topic is too out-there or awkward for you, just skip it. Every couple is different, but there's definitely a little something for every pair to work together on. It's easier to talk about your sex with guided questions like, "Do you like a deep thrust or circular motions?" and after being instructed to refer to your lady bits as the "Beaver." Those things alone will break the ice and lighten the mood. Take a hint from the book and really talk about what you want in a playful, open way.

The bottom line? Don't let a little discomfort keep you from having your best sex life. Spice it up instead, and make sure to communicate what you want between the sheets. Pretty soon you'll be so satisfied, you'll wonder why you were ever the least bit bashful in the bedroom.