We Could All Use A Makeover Now And Again


Everyone feels better after a little makeover.

One of my favorite Springsteen lyrics is from "Dancing In The Dark." So singeth The Boss*: "I check my look in the mirror. I wanna change my clothes, my hair, my face. Man, I ain't getting nowhere. I'm just living in a dump like this."

Because we have so many shiny surfaces, and such general concern with our looks, there are plenty of opportunities to conflate our outer appearance with our inner feelings.

But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

When we smile, a little biology kicks in and makes us slightly happier. It also makes us more attractive to other people, which can make us even happier. A flattering hairdo, a bit of teeth-whitening and some redistribution of mass / ocular focus can go a long way toward boosting self-esteem. And things just seem to happen for confident people (let's not get into the chicken / egg genesis of that statement).

The rhubarb is that not all of us are very good at dressing ourselves, or are even remotely cognizant of what qualifies as a passable hairstyle. Some of us have a tendency to think more makeup equals better. That's when going to a trusted friend with impeccable taste, or some sort of expert, really pays off. (I've shaved my head one too many times to know that I should probably consult someone lest I look like Michael Rappaport in Higher Learning any time I get "the blues.") Do You Need A Dating Makeover?

As part of our Love Life Makeover series, Nadette gets hair, makeup and wardrobe help so that she can look her best and work her way toward feeling her best. And Dr. Diana Kirschner teachs us that there's a classier word for cleavage: décolletage. Enjoy the first montage-free video makeover.

*Note: He's not the boss of me, and neither is Tony Danza.