How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back


Dry your tears. It’s time to get busy!

You’ve been dumped. Maybe you deserved it; perhaps you did something regrettable. Maybe it was because the guy wanted to explore other options (aka date other girls). Maybe it was because you let the relationship just die. Whatever the reason you’ve emerged from your initial shock or denial and realized that you want this guy back. You realized that despite his leaving his socks on the floor, wearing T-shirts he’s had since the 8th grade and his reliance on Taco Bell for most of his dietary needs, he’s adorable.

Dry your tears. It’s time to get busy and get that man back. Follow these steps straight back to Datesville and happy times snuggling on the couch together. Get your ex boyfriend back NOW!

1. Look the part. Remember when you first met? Or your first date? It probably didn’t involve sweatpants and yesterday’s makeup. Indulge in some self improvement. Confidence is super sexy. No self respecting man will find you desirable if he catches you with tissues stuck up your nose. Hit the salon, the spa or the gym. Get an updated look and give your ex a reason to take a second look.

2. Get your sales pitch together. Write your own profile as if you were going to post it online for a dating site. Much like a job interview, you will need to sell yourself. By taking inventory and listing your attributes, you’ll be able to make your pitch to your ex-boyfriend on what a great catch you are and why you should be together. You won’t need to recite it later but it will give you the confidence (again, super sexy) as well as some talking points that you can use.

3. Be honest with yourself. Why aren’t you together right now? Did you stray? Did you let yourself get too complacent? Were you a nag? Did he cheat? Did he flip out because he’s commitment phobic? You can’t possibly make a case for why you need to try to get back together unless you honestly understand why you are apart. Only then can you establish new ground rules, agree to handle things differently or sincerely apologize with any hope of improving on the things that went wrong.

4. Don’t try gimmicks. Arranging “chance” encounters, having him see you on the town having a fabulous time with others or stalking him after his weekly kickboxing class will not work. If this man is worth a second chance, then he deserves better than a lame attempt to fool him in to seeing you again. Call him. Tell him that you have given this much thought and you know that he would want to hear some of your thoughts because they have value for both of you.

5. Say it right. Even if he did something incredibly stupid, acknowledge shared responsibility. Realize that compromise is mandatory. Make a plan to reconcile. Set boundaries. Expect success.

With a little effort and more work, you can get your ex-boyfriend back. Now put down the tissue and get moving!