Is Money Tearing Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Apart?

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Is it possible that this "happy couple" is struggling behind closed doors?

Everything that rises must fall, or so they say. It seems that that sentiment is true of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's relationship, er, we mean….finances? Back in the day when Jenny was On The 6, dating Puff Daddy (now P.Diddy) and Ben Affleck no one would have guessed that she would have financial woes anytime soon. Fast forward ten years, Jennifer has two adorable children, Max and Emme, she's married to Latin singer Marc Anthony and she's judging American Idol? Sounds like she's more on the path of retirement. Jennifer Lopez Brings Her Family To Work

According to sources the stress is taking a toll on Jenny and Marc's "happy marriage." In Touch Weekly reported "money problems" are getting in the way of the couple's happiness and a source was quoted as calling Marc, "money hungry."

After reports surfaced in December that Marc owed millions in unpaid taxes, it's easy to imagine that Jennifer is a little more than angry. While evading the IRS is one thing, We're sure a strong chick like Jenny won't put up with Marc's alleged scandalous escapades on the road either, "On tour, he's always drinking and flirting with lots of women," says the insider.

While Marc and Jennifer may have put on a happy face for the Golden Globes, perhaps they're keeping up appearances until they either make a decision to move on, or they get their money issues settled. Isn't money what tears most marriages apart? Let's hope for the best for these two. JLO And Marc Anthony Split?

Photo Credit: INF