My husband's emotional affair


Hi, everyone.  I've never written any kind of post like this, but I am in desperate need of advice.  Two weeks ago I found out that my husband has been having what I call an emotional affair for the past month and a half.  We have been married for 7 years.  We have had some problems getting along for the past couple of years but I truely do love him.  And while we were having some problems, I never ever would have suspected him of cheating.  I have noticed a change in his behavior for the last couple of months.  He has seemed more distant and seemed to be detached from the problems we were having.  I thought maybe it had just been too much stress and he was pushing me away from him or something.  Then 2 weeks ago I had a strong feeling to check his phone records.  I can't describe the urge....I sat there for a long time before logging into the records thinking that I was being crazy and that he would think I was just looking for problems that weren't there. But I logged on anyways and was SHOCKED to see the same number listed over and over again, hundreds of calls and texts.  I immediately called him and asked if he was cheating on me and he said no.  I asked whose number it was and he told me he had made a friend, nothing more.  I got her name out of him and he swore that it was not physical or romantic.  Of course, I did not believe him in this moment.  He said that he met her at his work and that she was going through relationship problems also and that he just needed someone to talk to.  He says he never met up with her.  He changed his phone number the next day, got rid of his phone with internet capabilities, and deleted his social networking sites.  He says I am the only one he loves and that she doesn't matter to him.  There is a part of me that knows that these are good signs, but there is another part of me that thinks how could he do this to me?  How could he make the decision everyday for a month and a half to sneak phone calls and texts to this woman and hide it from me?  He says he never thought about what it would do to me or our relationship, it was just a mistake.  I am having a very hard time believing this.  Any advice or feedback is truely appreciated.  Thanks!