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Nerdy Girls Get More Action (Says Science)


Upon first examination, you may think spending hours playing computer games would have a negative effect on a woman's social life.

Well guess again, naysayers! In fact, ladies who play games on Facebook, cell phones and computers have quite the sizzling social life. Even better, they have sex more frequently than women who don't game, according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of GameHouse. 

Not only are these "nerdy" girls getting more action in the bedroom, but they're likely happily committed to a serious relationship as well (probably with a fellow nerd). Sixty-four percent of women who game online are married or living with a partner. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being "completely satisfied"), 71 percent of these women rated their current relationship at 6 or above.

So, essentially, all of those hours on Farmville, Mafia Wars and Words With Friends — not to mention nerdy games like Zelda and World of Warcraft — are paying off, right? Heck, if playing games means more sex, count me in. Love, happiness and a triple word score? I'm totally down. And for those of you claiming online gaming leads to laziness and inactivity, take note: There was no significant difference in physical activity levels between women who game and those who do not.

The moral of the story, based on these results, may not be to get out there and game — honestly, chances are you play some sort of computer game during your daily routine. Rather, ladies, let us be thankful that our "nerdy" habits have no impact on our sexual satisfaction. Play on.

Are you a nerdy girl? Do you think this helps your sex life?


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