Dating Disaster: Did You Steal My IPod?

stolen ipod

This date happened with a bisexual guy, (no offence to any bisexuals out there):

It was the weekend, and my friend invited me to come along with him to this random house party. I had no plans whatsoever, and weekend house parties in Amman, Jordan are to die for, so I accepted. At the party, I met this cute guy, as we held a conversation he seemed classy and charming. After a while, we exchanged numbers.

The very next night he called. We talked for over an hour on the phone, then he suggested going to dinner the next day to get to know each other more. Again, without holding back I said, "Yes!" I mean, a guy asking you to dinner in Amman? You can't find them like this anymore. Plus, it all played out like a Hollywood classic in my mind. I Had The Worst First Date EVER (Foot Fetish And All)

Next night, dinner… la la la… Then, afterwards, he asked me to come back to his place for a drink, as he lives away from the area. I hesitated, but decided to go for it. I got drunk at his place, then I really tried to go back home. He insisted I stay the night, and I was in no place to argue.

The next day when I woke up, he was hollering around, saying, "Oh my God, a thief entered while we were sleeping!"

Lies! I definitely didn't buy it, because the thief only stole my iPod (which took forever to get!). I knew that he had stolen it, but didn't admit it. I was helpless to do anything because first, I was embarrassed. And second, I was at his place which is far away from home. Suddenly, he announced that his friend was on his way to visit, which was my cue to leave. As I excused myself, he offered to drop me off, I refused and left. Dating Disaster: Stop Crying And Get Off My Porch

What a night! The guy comes in classic ways, but leaves with smashing hits! 

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