Dating Disaster: This Cop Wanted To Lick My Face

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A pushy policeman got very inappropriate when he wanted a goodnight kiss.

When I was living in NYC in early 2009, I met this cop from Queens at a jazz bar I used to sing in. I wasn't so sure if there was much of an attraction physically speaking, but I was diggin' the whole cop thing. A mutual friend told me that if he asked me out I should go; so on that recommendation I figured, "Why not?" Anatomy Of A Perfect First Date

For some reason I had a bad feeling about it right from the start, but I was trying to keep an open mind. Dinner was OK (although I didn't get a word in edgewise), but post-dinner was the worst. As we were walking to his car, he asked in a controlling tone if I would put my purse on my other arm so he could hold my arm. Then, as he drove me home to Washington Heights from the restaurant in the Lower East Side, all he could seem to talk about was how bad my neighborhood must be.

Once he was parked in front of my building, he began saying all sorts of sexually inappropriate comments along the lines of "I'd like to lick you all over," and "you look like the sort of girl that likes her hair pulled." Being a Southern girl, I didn't want to bolt and slam the car door in his face, even though he deserved it. I did my best to steer the conversation away from sex and said I needed to go inside. He insisted on walking me there—you know, since my neighborhood was so bad and all. Dating Disaster: Vegans Like You Cause Anorexia

As I was about to enter the elevator and never answer a call from this guy again, a man got in the elevator with his dog (I didn't notice the breed) and my "date" put his arm in front of me and told me to take the next elevator because those were "drug dogs." Not wanting to make a scene, I just went with it. Then the cop asked to kiss me. Clearly, he had not been paying attention to my responses to his behavior at all. I said, "No," got in the next elevator and that was that.

Granted, I could have been more stern with him, but regardless, his behavior was extremely controlling and not appropriate for a first, second, third or fourth date.

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