Eat Your Way to a Satisfying Sex Life


Eating your way to a satisfying sex life has to do with eating food. Specifically, edible aphrodisiacs.

An aphrodisiac is a food, drug, or any substance that increases sexual desire. Have you ever been amazed at the libido of the heroes and heroines in romance novels? Not only is the hero immediately ready to go after a passionate interlude, he’s fully capable of maintaining that stamina all night. So is the heroine.

So, how do we mere mortals manage to sustain the same level of sexual excitement and have the same libido as our favorite characters? An aphrodisiac may be the answer. Scientists say there are no true aphrodisiacs. What do they know? There was a time they told us the world was flat and Pluto was a planet. We now know both theories were incorrect.

Forget Viagra. The following foods don’t need a prescription and can be picked up at your local grocery store and incorporated into a romantic meal with your significant other. Test them out and see which one works best for you. But be warned! Get plenty of rest first.


Start your meal with oysters. They’re filled with dopamine, which activates feelings of desire and pleasure. They also contain zinc, which increases the production of testosterone. Testosterone is necessary for arousal in both men and women. Caveat: Be careful of eating raw oysters, which will expose you to potential food poisoning.



Hundreds of years ago, European newlyweds drank honey wine to increase their sexual stamina and promote procreation. The Kama Sutra mentions honey as a symbol of love and sensuality. What really makes honey an aphrodisiac is that it’s filled with vitamins and nutrients that boost your energy so you have the stamina to make it through hours of lovemaking.


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