Gwen Stefani Penning Furious Anti-Love Songs


Gwen Stefani is taking out her frustration over Courtney Love's recent revelation that she had an affair with Gwen's husband, Gavin Rossdale, shortly before the two were married in 2002 by writing new songs for No Doubt about the sordid business. "A lot of the new songs are about Gavin and what a jerk he is," a source told X17online. "They're so negative, he finally had to tell her 'No more songs about me!'"

Courtney made another desperate stab at relevance on Howard Stern's show back in April, dishing about her early-aughts affair with Gavin and giving Gwen credit for sharpening his boot-knocking skills. "I had this vision of marrying Gavin Rossdale one time," she told Stern. "[We dated for] eight months...and we were like, 'Let's spend our rock star money!' We had a really good time." She said Gwen was aware that Courtney and Gavin had a history, but X17's source says Gwen wasn't certain of the timing. "Man, [Gavin] was such an Adonis in his day!" Courtney said, apparently oblivious to the fact that Gavin only got hotter when he started toting around his adorable blond sons. "He got good in bed...something happened. Maybe Gwen taught him, for all I know." Stern then asked, "You mean he was having sex with you while he was with her?" "Everyone...yeah...and a few other people," Courtney replied. Courtney Love Says Ugly Women Are Better Lovers

"Gwen was pissed that Courtney Love recently blabbed about her affair with Gavin. Gwen knew they had been together, but not right before their wedding," X17's source said. "Some of the songs call him out for being a cheater!" Which, given Gwen's track record of none-too-discreet songs referencing her personal life, isn't surprising.

Gwen's survived more than her fair share of revelations about her husband's past during the decade and a half they've been together: First there was the paternity test in 2004 that brought a then 15-year-old daughter, model Daisy Lowe, into their lives; then there were the allegations, via impeccable gossip courier Boy George, that Gavin had a years-long relationship with a British transvestite singer named Marilyn. Blast From Gavin's Past

So that's a lot for a marriage to weather. But we're glad Gwen and Gavin seem to be making it work...and who are we kidding, we're just elated for a new No Doubt album. Also, if we found out the father of our children had slept with Courtney Love at any time, we'd probably dump lye on him. Courtney Love's 5 Most Disastrous Romances

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Via X17online. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.