When Blogging About Your Mother-In-Law Goes Bad


One woman blogs about how frustrating her mother-in-law is, and the wrong person found it.

I called it "Got MIL?" and in hindsight, posting it was not my most prudent move.

It was an essay that discussed, at some discomfiting length, my relationship with my mother-in-law. It was not an essay that was particularly flattering to my mother-in-law, because she was—is—not a particularly easy mother-in-law. Lemondrop: Indestructible Mother-In-Law Survives Rocket Attack

But—as I later told my brothers-and sister-in-law (who, yes, found the post; this is how this story ends)—I believed that it was my story to tell. It was about my experience with her, my responses to the things that she said to me, my discomfort in struggling to accommodate her while she visited, for the first time, her newborn grandson.

At the time, I was struggling with post-partum depression. I could barely cope. When faced with that weekend—with trying to recover from that weekend—I turned to my favored form of therapy: spilling my guts to the Internet. Lemondrop: Moms Suffering From Post-Post-Partum Blues

The essay began like this:

Yeah, so. My MIL. She makes me crazy. Like, total-batsh**-pass-the-vodka-where're-mah-pills crazy. I know. I am completely and utterly unique in my experience of my mother-in-law. Everyone else has sweet and adorable mothers-in-law who celebrate them and thank them for loving their children and bearing their grandchildren and who bake them cookies and say things like "Oh, heavens, my darling son/daughter would have been lost—LOST—without you" and who also maybe give them money.

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Written by Catherine Connors for Lemondrop