Bad Date? These 10 Were Probably Worse

woman making a face at a bad date

A woman offers her bad dating stories as comic relief for frustrated daters.

After I go on a great date and wait with bated breath for a call that never comes, I of course conclude that the guy must have been kidnapped, has suddenly accepted that he was gay, or has died. Lemondrop: The Bad Date Files: A True Tale of 10 Eligible Men I Never Saw Again

When I go on a date and wish that one of those things were happening in my very presence, I know I'm on one of my usual dates-from-hell. Sure, every girl has at least one "my dinner with douchebag" story. I am not like most women, however. I'm not bragging—I'm just ridiculously unlucky when it comes to men. Lemondrop: Your Last Bad Date, Animated

I have had more awful dates than I can shake a therapy bill at. You'd think I would have just given up after a while, or taken myself out of the game, but I'm unhealthily optimistic.

Besides, for every couple bizarre dates I found myself on, I went on at least one really nice one. No matter how weird the dude or awful the evening, I believe, statistically and idealistically, that a nice and normal guy is just around the corner. Lemondrop: 'The End of Men' - I May Have Married The Last Manly One

Look, I know how hard it is out there. (Want to know what's worse than a bad date? A bad date who doesn't try to get you on a second one.) Thus, I've decided to compile a list of my top 10 most epically terrible rendezvous for your empathizing/enjoyment. Maybe my travails can be your treasures.

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Written by Sarah Monson for Lemondrop