Record-Setting Bride Has Over 100 Bridesmaids

two little bridesmaids
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An Ohio woman set the Guinness Book of World Records mark for bridesmaids.

Always a bridesmaid, rarely one of 110 bridesmaids. Narrowing down the old wedding list is a chore in making tough decisions…a real Sophie's Choices, but without little kids dying. You have to figure out which friends are on the fence, which are in the circle (of trust) and who you think won't come but WILL send a gift. It's friggin' exhausting.

It's even tougher nailing down the actual wedding party. Maybe you have a sister who catches feelings easily. Maybe you have a good friend who thinks she's your BFF. And maybe you have a close coworker who you absolutely, positively cannot trust to get anything right. So, sometimes you have to just say f*ck it and take every woman you've ever met as a bridesmaid. Per the Huffington Post, a lady named Jill Stapleton had 110 bridesmaids attend her nuptials (check out the vid on HuffPo, she kinda looks like Anna Faris: adorable). Despite many of them being little kids from the bride's dance class (tiny dancers, if you will), it's a record. Read: Bride Auctions Off Bridesmaid Spot

I've been to a few weddings in which the bride and/or groom have had a seriously tough time culling down the list of friends and ended up drafting a soccer club for bridesmen and groomsmaids, respectively. I've even been to a couple of weddings in which a fellow had such a time picking a best man that he chose his dad, rather than civil warring his brother and best buds. And frankly I've been to too many weddings in which the groom's side and the bride's sides are unbalanced and it's a little weird seeing people walk down the aisle solo. Read: "Is It Open Bar?" And 34 Other Bridesmaid Questions

Anyone have any good stories of having to make some very tough decisions on a wedding party? Anyone have to sever friendships over the wedding list? Anyone have to call any last-second list audibles?