Indian Man Has 39 Wives, Is A Christian

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A sect of Christianity promotes polygamy, plus what he thinks about your number.

In some circles of belief, marrying a handful of ladies is commonplace. We're talking about circles containing people with mildly different sensibilities than those of your run-of-the-mill Judeo-Christian American. While such behavior leaves many of us are shocked, and a few of us appalled, it hasn't convinced us to stop watching Big Love.

But an Indian man, per Yahoo! News, has taken our fascination with polygamy (specifically polygyny) to a pretty extreme degree. The man, 66-year-old Ziona Chana, has 39 wives and a buttload of children and grandchildren (94 and 33, respectively). They live in a house with 100 rooms, and knock down some 330 pounds of food per day. Man Has 5 Wives, 46 Children, 239 Grandchildren

That's a lot of wives, kids and rice for a man to consume, feed and consume, but the really interesting thing is that the family is Christian. Chana heads up an offshoot of Christianity called... um... Chana that allows (nay, encourages) men to marry multiple women. Where this group differs from a fundamentalist LDS sect is that the LDS are looking for more juice in Heaven, whereas the Chana are building an army to help the Big Guy out when he comes back to Earth. Fun fact: Chana is the Hindi word for chickpea, which is the boring name for garbanzo bean.

And speaking of numbers, Hugo Schwyzer at Good Men Project takes on why a guy cares about his lady's "number," and why he shouldn't. It's an interesting read, and the comments section is hopping. Though I suppose that the issue of how many spouses someone currently has is probably a much bigger question. /node/48746