Engaged Couple To Walk 2500 Miles To Their Wedding

Couple on hike
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An engaged couple from Michigan plans a long hike to prepare for marriage.

Would you walk 2500 miles to your wedding if you thought it would better prepare you for marriage?

One engaged couple from Michigan is actually planning a pre-nuptial, cross-country hike. In an interview with Fox News Detroit, Joseph Crist and Laura Brunett laid out their route: Starting this monthl, they'll walk from their home in Canton, across the plains, over the Rockies and across the desert, to get to Lake Mead to be married. They want to reach Vegas by September.

Their reasoning? If they can survive this walk across the country together, they can take on any challenge as they walk through life together.  What A Year In Marriage Taught Us About Love

"If we can't handle this, then we probably really shouldn't be getting married," Brunett said. Finishing his fiancee's sentence, Crist added: "This is the test to see where two paths become one."

When asked who on earth treks 2500 miles to tie the knot, Crist responded: "Only crazy people do that. And we're extremely crazy."

While it may seem zany to others, the 24-year-old "free spirits" seem to be on the same page about their journey, even when it comes to personal hygiene. They are so dedicated to this pre-wedding walk, they realize they're going to have to make sacrifices. Big sacrifices. The couple admitted that showering may become a distant memory, and hair will probably reach high levels of bothersome, so they're getting matching 'dos for the trip: Shaved heads.

"I'm shaving my head, she's shaving her head," Crist said.

Brunett elaborated: "All sanitary, the easiest way to deal with things. We're not going to be showering as frequently as we do now."

The skeptical interviewer broke in to ask the bride-to-be, again, if she was really going to shave her head before her big day. Brunett's response? An emphatic "Yeah." Talk about commitment. Should Premarital Counseling Be A Marriage Requirement?