5 Products That Will "Save" Your Relationship!

couple laptops high five

Check out these infomercials and thank us later.

We live in a consumer culture. It's impossible to deny that some of our contentedness comes from having and buying stuff. Stuff makes life more convenient and gives us more time to be miserable happy and do time-consuming worthwhile activities. And since gizmos make work more invasive easier and recreation much less spontaneous more relaxing, it's only natural that couples use innovation to get closer, get on each other's nerves less and, most importantly, get even. Here are the top five products for saving your relationship—because things just aren't working on their own. Enjoy the information, the commercial and the infomercials! Read: 101 Ways To Improve Your Relationship Right Now

1. The Better Marriage Blanket. What is the biggest problem for your average married couple? Is it money? Is it infidelity? Is it raising children? Nope, it's nighttime gas emissions. This product will save your marriage...or at least prevent your from building a second master bedroom. Read: Your Marriage Problems Solved... By A Blanket?

2. The Niagra Love Toilet. Have you ever been in a relationship where you just couldn't stand to spend a second away from each other? Well, there is a product for you. Think of the second most intimate thing you could do with another human being… yep, someone's gone there. You're welcome. Read: Sharing a Bathroom? Cohabitation Tips