Sleeping Over Sexy? 4 Medicine Cabinet Beauty Hacks For His Place

JUST what you've been looking for.

medicine cabinet

You don't need your entire hair and makeup arsenal to fix these beauty mishaps and keep you looking sexy. Check your guy's medicine cabinet for budget-friendly, do-it-yourself saves for these common beauty disasters.

1. Your hair is a greasy-looking MESS.
Save a shower, our go-to solution for this hairy situation is baby powder. Sprinkle some on the palm of your hand (go easy if you have dark hair), rub your hands together and run them through your mane—starting with your scalp and roots, and working your way down. Repeat as necessary until the powder absorbs the excess oil on your strands.


2. Your deoderant is on your clothes.
Simply rubbing your hand over the offending white spots, even using water, won't get the job done. Reach for the first dark garment you see and wipe over the white streaks. Watch them disappear before your eyes.

3. You overdid it on the perfume.
There's no need for a hot shower to scrub off the eau de trying-too-hard. Grab cotton balls and rubbing alcohol and go to town. The alcohol will absorb and dry out the scent. Genious!

4. You have a bad breakout.
Before you try to sneak out of his place, reach for the Pepto Bismol—yes, really! Apply the pink stuff with a Q-tip as a spot treatment to dry it out. Get the red out with a drop of Visine before dabbing on moisturizer (because nothing calls attention to a pimple like flaky skin).