7 Worst Mistresses Of All Time

worst mistresses of all time

Where does Michelle McGee rank among these all-time crappy homewreckers?

So wedding vows have really been taking a hit lately, right? Everywhere we look, someone else is telling the world how he shagged a lady not his wife. And while we are open-minded about arrangements people might have as concerns sex with people who are not their spouses, when the wife doesn't know and her husband's paramours come parading out of the woodwork, well, that's tacky and gross. Which is why we're taking a look at some of the worst mistresses of all time to flaunt their way onto front pages.

1. Rielle Hunter

Is there anyone worse than the New Age–spouting, sex tape–filming, wretched poser-in-her-underwear-on-her-child's-bed Rielle Hunter? The former Lisa Jo Druck (no, really, that was her name) doesn't even get most of our scorn in that whole sordid affair. John Edwards certainly deserves the lion's share of the blame for being a disgusting cheater who had a baby with someone else while his wife was dying of cancer. But Rielle is just gross. What kind of terrible person gives a quote like this to a national magazine: "You know, love is this mysterious force that you just don't understand. And it's uplifting, and it's bigger than you, bigger than us, bigger than everyone. We could not stop it. It was so big. And it's still big. It's astonishing. It surprises us." VOM. John Edwards' Affair Caused Elizabeth To Throw Up

2. Michelle McGee

Sure, other ladies have done grosser things, but the Nazi paraphernalia lands Old Bombshell here in the place position for being the one to break the Jesse-James-is-a-nasty-cheater story just days after Sandra Bullock won her Academy Award. We have nothing against tattoos, fetish models, or strippers, but when you combine all that with white power tattoos, an affection for making the Heil Hitler gesture and having unprotected sex with someone else's husband, well, that's just foul.