All About Michelle McGee's Swastika, Nazi Ways

Is Jesse James attracted to Michelle McGee's vagina swastika, her white power ways?

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The evidence that Michelle McGee is a racist, bipolar drug addict continues to grow. Surfacing first was the Nazi photo shoot [pictured left] featuring an all-too-enthusiastic model decked out in full Nazi regalia, arm band included, and in one instance making the "Heil Hitler" salute.

Then came rumors of the White Power tattoo — a "W" and a "P" inked on the back of each leg. [Exhibit 1] However, Michelle McGee has defended that tat, saying to InTouch magazine that it stands for "Wet P-you-know-what-y" and that "Jesse and I had a conversation about it and he says a lot of his friends have the tattoo."


Alright, then explain the swastika tattoo just above your vagina! [Exhibit 2] "She has a large iron eagle tattooed just above her private area," says an eyewitness source to "Below the eagle's claws is a bright red swastika, just like how you see in those Nazi symbols."

And then today there was this: The ABC magnets spelling WHITE POWER on her refrigerator, making sure that her two children get a healthy dose of racism along with their milk. [Exhibit 3]

What's most disconcerting about all this is the idea that Jesse James may have been turned on by both interpretations of her WP tattoo. Does Jesse James have white supremacist sympathies? Do most of his friends really have "Wet P*ssy" tattooed on their bodies? Who exactly is this man? I know Sandra is wondering the same thing herself. Jesse James: The "Bad Boy" Mom Warned Us About


Sadly it seems like the answer may be "yes." Yes Jesse James has a Nazi fetish. Yes, there seems to be a picture out there somewhere of him making his own "Heil Hitler" salute, donning his own 3rd Reich-inspired uniform.

Friends close to Sandra and Jesse say that reconciliation is unlikely, and that "something is happening" on the divorce front. Good for her. Jesse James Waits For Sandra Bullock's Divorce

Exhibit 1: The WP Tattoo

White Power Michelle McGee Tattoo


Exhibit 2: The Swastika Tattoo

Swastika Tattoo Michelle McGee

Exhibit 3: The Fridge