55% Of THIS Type Of Men Cheat In Their Relationships

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55% Of THIS Type Of Men Commit Infidelity In Relationships


I've always loved French films, and I've seen a lot of them. One of my dear friends lives in Paris, so I've visited a number of times. We often go to the movies — or as they say, the cinema. I also attend French film festivals, watch French movies on Netflix, and even own a few of my favorite French films, such as Amelie.

If you're familiar with French movies, you'll notice that a theme of infidelity runs throughout many of them.

Why? Well, the French don't view affairs as a big deal.

It's assumed that men (and on occasion, women) will reach a certain age and take a mistress or young lover. If you watch enough of these movies, you get the sense that affairs are a natural part of French relationships.

The French have long had the reputation (and rightly so) of not being faithful to their partners. A recent study found that the vast majority of French men — 55 percent — and nearly one-third of French women admit to cheating on their significant others. Mon Dieu!

In Aziz Ansari's new book, Modern Romance, he talks about traveling to France to better understand their unique views on infidelity, affairs, and love. Ansari discovered that it wasn't that French people had an entirely modern take on marriage values and didn't care if their partner cheated; the French are actually more forgiving of when their partners strayed.

In other words, because of their cultural attitude, French people and their relationships aren't shattered by a betrayal. About 63 percent of French people believe they can love someone, even if he or she has cheated. 

Being able to forgive is a big part of love, after all.